VRogs Latest News:

VRog Oculus Rift Submission

Jul. 4. 2016

Our VRog Rift version is now in submission! Stay tuned to get your own version of our great game!

VRog Gear VR Submission

Jun. 6. 2016

Our VRog Gear VR version is now in submission! Very soon, you will be able to play our game on your Gear VR.

Full Version

Dec. 31. 2015

Because of great response to our demo, we decided to build a full version for the Oculus store. So stay excited and in some months, you get a full version from the store.

Small Homepage Overhaul

Aug. 29. 2014

Today we launched a slightly overhauled version of the VRog homepage. This is still a very rudimentary design though, as our creative goddess is fully loaded with work atm. Hope you like the improvement anyway, but a new design will most likely come soon.


Cymatic Bruce reviews VRog!

Aug. 26. 2014

Cymatic Bruce did a review of VRog, you gotta check that out! It's part of Episode 30 of his SundayVR-Show, that's why the vid is pretty long. Use this link to directly jump to the VRog-Review or check out around minute 50 of the embedded vid.


Minor Update

Aug. 23. 2014

We decided to disable Time-Warp by default, since it is reported to cause judder on many systems. If you want to re-enable it you can do so by using the –timeWarp parameter at launch. Create a shortcut to the desired VRog.exe, rightclick and choose ‘properties’, then add ‘-timeWarp’ (without quotes) at the end of the target field.


Visitor Record

Aug. 21. 2014

More than 800 new visitors came to our page the day after TheRiftArcade made the video review - which is a new record for this page. Wooohoo, thanx guys :)


First Video-Review

Aug. 20. 2014

Our friends at TheRiftArcade have played VRog and created a video-review. Sounds as if they liked it, but best check out the review by yourself – it’s worth it!


SDK 0.4.1 integrated

Aug. 20. 2014

We integrated the actual Oculus SDK (0.4.1) into VRog. This should reduce judder in direct mode on some systems.
Also, we decided to deactivate mirror mode by default to increase performance. You can still start activate it by a command line switch though, or you just start VRog by using the included batch-file if you don’t want to hassle around with shortcuts and commad-line-params.


First Demo release

Aug. 14. 2014

We are proud to release the first version of VRog Demo to the public. Grab your copy now and start vrogging!